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Golden Bridge - the new name for EZnFun!!


 Since 1990

English Education Consultancy

 Who are we?

Golden Bridge, formerly known as E*Z*N*Fun was established in 1990 by Michael TC Chang who graduated from Rutgers, N.J. State College, U.S.A.

Now the business is headed by Michael who is a consultant and agent for English Language Education in Taiwan.

As well as employing teachers for it's own school in Yongho, Golden Bridge assigns and places teachers in many different schools around Taipei and surrounding cities.

Golden Bridge provides lesson plans and curriculum and produces it's own teaching material.



Why should you work for us?

Okay so lets get down to what you really want to know about. All wage plans below are current as of May 2002 and are subject to the individual tax laws of China and Taiwan.


Hourly wage -The usual income in Taiwan for Native English Teachers varies. In many bigger legal schools it's only NT$500 per hour. With Golden Bridge it's NT$550 per hour which at the current rate of exchange is approx.US$14 Golden Bridge Taiwan can give a minimum schedule of 20 hours per week which can, should you wish and if available, be as many as 35 hpw. This means a typical 20 hour week could earn you US$340 which would be over US$1360 per month. These are not made up figures, ask anyone. Minimum contracts for Taiwan are 6 months.

Salaried wage -The benefits of taking a salaried job are that public holidays are paid, the ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) is provided for by the school (indeed many Taiwanese schools expect you to pay for your own documentation and processing - a big load when considering the costs of moving to a new country, and Health Insurance is included too. Another thing to remember about salaried wage is that sometimes you'll work less hours, sometimes a few more - but generally it's equalled out. Minimum contracts for Taiwan are 6 months.

Golden Bridge does not provide accomodation in Taiwan, indeed Taiwanese schools very rarely do, but we can provide assistance with finding somewhere to live near to where you'll be teaching. Also we can provide help in finding a suitable mode of transport if you find that the bus system here just isn't enough.

Mainland China

Salaried wage -The benefits of working in China are comparable to Taiwan but there's the added benefits of having the option of taking free accomodation and two free meals a day! The wages in China are RMB10,000 (RMB100 = US$12 approx.) per month (Approx. 6hours per/day) Extra hours can be arranged at RMB100 per hour. Contracts for China are a minimum of 12 months.

In both Taiwan and China there is a wage increase after initial 6 months of 5%. Further increases after renewal of contract after one year's employment are negotiable.

What do I do next?

Please send your contact details, gender, nationality, degree obtained (when and from where graduated) along with recent photos via e-mail, fax or snail mail to our contact details below. Please note that only holders of passports from countries where English is the national language will be considered. Sorry!

We don't want to put anyone off getting on a plane and coming  to Taiwan right now but the best times of the year to come are:

  • After Chinese New Year (Dates vary according to the Lunar Calendar - usually February-March.)
  • During the Summmer.
Why teach in Taiwan? Contact us!

Golden Bridge
+886(02)2570-2759, 2715-2525
Fax:+886(02)2579-1381, Mob:+886 0937 012-011
Head Office aAddress:1st Floor, No14 Jian Kang Rd, Taipei, Taiwan.

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