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Thinking of teaching abroad?


With high unemployment figures in many English speaking countries taking 'time out' in a foreign country is no longer a pipe dream but an actual possibility. Not only for native English speakers. It is not uncommon to meet other nationals with a high proficiency of English to take time out and teach English abroad. Teaching English abroad can make guaranteed employment a reality. It also offers the opportunity to experience a whole new life elsewhere with new surroundings and new cultures.
So after leaving college why land yourself in the 9-5 rat race back home where many unfortunates in the past have become stuck until they reach 65?

Take time out and experience LIFE!

Why should you pick Taiwan?
It has become plain to see that China will be one of the major players in international business as it has set out to be in recent years. Imagine how good it would be to show on your resume that you've spent a year in a Chinese speaking country - but watch out! Many people come for a year and end up staying two or even longer. Of course you could go to mainland China but Taiwan is crying out for teachers as you can see here in this sits vac taken from a recent Taiwanese newspaper. Plus on the mainland there'd be no guarantee you would be earning US$18.85 (based on current exchange rates) per hour. In Taiwan with E*Z*N Fun there is.


But I don't have a college degree?

It's possible to sign up for a course in Chinese language or culture or martial arts to be eligable to remain in the country.

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