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English Education Consultancy
Since 1990
Who are we?

E*Z*N*Fun was established in 1990 by Shirley Roque and Michael TC Chang who both graduated from from Rutgers, N.J. State College, U.S.A.

Now the business is headed by Michael who is a consultant and agent for English Language Education in Taiwan.

As well as employing teachers for it's own school in Yongho, E*Z*N*Fun assigns and places teachers in many different schools around Taipei and surrounding cities.

E*Z*N*Fun provides lesson plans and curriculum and produces it's own teaching material but gives the flexibility for experienced teachers to use their own materials and style.


Why should you work for us?

Okay so lets get down to what you really want to know about. 
The usual income in Taiwan for Native English Teachers varies. In many bigger schools it's only NT$500 per hour. With E*Z*N*Fun it's NT$600 per hour which at the current rate of exchange is approx.US$18.85

.E*Z*N*Fun can give a guaranteed schedule of 20 hours per week which can, should you wish, be as many as 35 hpw. This means a typical 20 hour week could earn you US$377 which would be over US$1500 per month. These are not made up figures, ask anyone.

The benefits of working with E*Z*N*Fun are that after 6 months the wage will increase by 10% and for months 6 - 12 we offer an additional 5% Per Hour Worked.

This means that every 100 hours worked from months 6 -12 nets an additional NT$30 per hour this works out to be an additional NT$3000 (Approx US$97 based on current exchange rates.)

(And there's more!) Regardless of how close we are to Christmas and New Years now, these are paid holidays. That is to say that if you have classes scheduled on these days you will be paid according to how many hours you would usually work.

Why teach in Taiwan? Contact us!

Tel:+886(02)2927-8308, 2924-2475
Fax:+886(02)2929-4107, Mob:+886 0937 012-011
Address:1st Fl.#9, Ln.119, Chu-Lin Rd.Yong Ho City, Taipei, Taiwan.

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